Instruction Manual

The background’s material is canvas, which is very resilient. If you follow my instructions, it is difficult to damage them. The canvas must not come into contact with oil, e.g. the model’s body may be oiled during a photo shoot, so take care not to let it come into contact with the background. Also, it is important that the background does not crease, this can happen when winding up or mounting. When unwinding, it can happen if you wind it incorrectly, loosely or if it is wrinkled. When mounting, the background may fall off the roller or the backing.


It is the safest to have the background rolled up on a roller, but it can of course be stored hanging or lying flat.
Do not fold it under any circumstances.


If it gets dirty, feel free to wipe it down with a wet cloth. You can step on it with shoes, but high heels can damage it, the sharp heel can tear the canvas. If this happens and you send it back to me, I’ll fix it.


There are several ways of mounting. One of the simplest is to mount it to a backing rod with tweezers, but I prefer to suggest that above size M, mount the backdrop firmly to a roller so that it would not crease when you put it on and take it off.