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The special backgrounds of KOA BACKDROPS are designed for photographers and filmmakers who want to get use of the / achieve a strange and unparallelled outcome. We use a high-quality Italian (300-400g) painted canvas, manually crafting all backdrops, which is a guarantee of creating unique and unrepeatable work. We use the most up-to-date toners, the most commonly chosen color with gray and shades of gray, furthermore brown, green, powder and shell skins, but the only limit is your imagination!


Check out our works, and if you have found in our ideas what you’re looking for, send it to us and we’ll produce it for you. If there is nothing in our works that is completely what you imagined, do not compromise, tell us what you’re after.


Send us a photo or describe your project, or imagined composition, so that we can produce the backdrop that best fits your production or studio.


We are contracted to shipping companies, we try to seek the most favorable terms of delivery for each of our shoppers. Please send us your quantity and sizing requirements, an exact shipping address, and we’ll send you an offer.

Our Works

Pictures from our backdrops

Size and Price

We are new on the market

So our prices are lower than (on / of / the prices of / the international prices) the international market. If you do not find the right size among our basic dimensions, we will try our best to meet your needs, as bringing your ideas to life is important to us.

XS210x160 cm€269Double-sided€419
S210x200 cm€314Double-sided€463
M210x300 cm€359Double-sided€538
L210x400 cm€419Double-sided€598
XL300x300 cm€717Double-sided-


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